Although Francisco Pererira's (Caracas, 1959) public appearance as a sculptor has been relatively recent, this is due only to the fact that he graduated as an architect from the Venezuelan Central University and been developing his plastic work silently since 1983. At that time, he became associated with the Foundation Institute for Advanced Studies, known by its Spanish acronym "IDEA" (meaning Fundación Instituto de Estudios Avanzados) where he joined a workshop on color and volume oered by Carlos Cruz Díez and Francisco Sobrino. This was followed by a second workshop: "Form, Composition, Color and the Aesthetics of Proportions".

From 2007 through 2011, Francisco Pereira, shared his plastic research with academic work, teaching design at the Santa Maria University in Caracas. His relationship with art was expressed rst through architecture, in which he managed to link art and space. On this premise he completed dierent proposals and projects, ranging from housing, recreational, educational and service projects. More recently, in 2012, this relationship became evident through the responsibility with which he was charged as coordinator of a pilot project for "Sensitive Pedagogy" aiming to integrate art in the state schools of Miranda in the context of the Ibero-American Art Fair. Here, he worked, hand in hand, with renowned plastic artists such as Julio Pacheco Ribas, Asdrúbal Colmenares and Pedro Morales.

Not with standing, it can been said that his sculptural work truly began in the workshop of the plastic artist Marcos Salazar Delno. Here he began making clay models and resin sculptures, which led, inevitably, to the melting of bronze, developing this work under the technical guidance of the sculptor James Mathinson.

Pereira's bronze sculptures make-up a surprising "Bestiario" inquiring into the oneiric imagination, akin the surreal tradition. These pieces of the Bestiario have been exhibited in the Caracas FIA 2012 with a relevant acceptance, which has happened KIAF consecutively in 2012 in Seoul, New York PINT 2012 and recently ArtLima in 2013, Peru.

In October 2013, the D'Museo Gallery in Caracas, shows the public's solo show, "bipedal mirrors the psyche", eighteen pieces that achieved wide acceptance of the audience and critics.

In October 2014, his work named Apocalypse was selected to participate in the prestigious Venezuelan Bienal, 67 Salon Bienal Arturo Michelena.